The mission of the Fulton County Workforce Development Division is to assist Fulton County residents and metropolitan Atlanta area employers in developing and sustaining a world-class employee pool that realizes viable incomes and benefits, thus strengthening their families and neighborhoods.

The guiding principles that direct our actions are:

  • Customers include individuals, employers and all community partners seeking workforce information and/or services.
  • The System provides services and information to all customers based on their informed choice and need.
  • The System includes many service access points and methods, with services tailored to meet the needs of individual communities.
  • The customer defines service quality; customer feedback is obtained and used.
  • Staff provides quality services in a timely and positive manner.
  • Policy, operations and procedures support flexibility in local design of service delivery, use of staff and use of facilities, while adhering to applicable laws and regulations.
  • The System offers specialized services beyond those paid for with public funds.
  • Services are marketed through the use of a standard identity (logo) and marketing plan for the System.
  • Creative programs are continuously developed and implemented to serve the changing needs of employers and the business community.
  • Services are accessible and affordable.
  • Comprehensive programs are continuously created, including early intervention and mentoring, to serve the needs of special populations, e.g. youth, females, refugees.

Select Fulton’s Talented Workforce

This chart shows the breakdown of the primary job industries for residents of Fulton County in 2017 based on residential address, not work address:

This visualization illustrates the percentage of students graduating with a Bachelors Degree from schools in Fulton County according to their major in 2016:

Reach out to Brett Lacy, Workforce Division Manager, at 404.612.8338 to learn more about how Select Fulton can assist you. View upcoming WorkSource Fulton Community Engagement events here.