Georgia is the best state for business six years running according to Site Selection magazine, and Fulton County is paramount to the state’s success. Tax credits, tax exemptions, workforce programs, and financing options are the main incentives offered by Fulton County and the State of Georgia. We work closely with the Georgia Department of Economic Development and local utilities to develop competitive proposals specific to the geographic location of your business.

Fulton County and Municipal Incentives
In tandem with the Development Authority of Fulton County (DAFC), Select Fulton is able to provide taxable and tax-exempt bonds for qualified economic development projects across Fulton County in all 15 municipalities, including the City of Atlanta. These bonds are designed to provide savings for new Fulton County investments by lowering both real and personal tax liability on the value.
WorkSource Fulton offers an array of services to businesses entering Fulton County both collaboratively and independently. Our Business Services initiative allows the Workforce Development Division to establish employment partnerships with private and public sector companies to meet the company’s employment needs when vacancies occur. Our highly skilled team of Business Consultants refers the best qualified clients that are screened and assessed, to your organization as potential candidates. Assessments include drug screens, background checks, skills assessments and use of Prove It! Software to verify competency levels in a variety of fields. Employers are able to utilize our centers strategically located throughout Central, North, and South Fulton County for recruitment efforts, access current labor market information, workforce trends, demand occupations listings, tax credit information and special hiring incentives. There are also valuable training incentives offered to employers such as On the Job Training, Apprenticeships and Specialized Customized Training. All of these extremely valuable services are offered free of charge to employers.
Fulton County offers 100% inventory tax exemptions for the following property classes: 1) Manufacturer’s raw materials and goods-in-process 2) Finished goods produced in Georgia within the last 12 months 3) Finished goods stored in Georgia within the last 12 months and destined for out-of-state shipment.
A business that relocates, expands or begins in Fulton County may qualify for municipal incentives if the business will significantly impact economic development through job creation and capital expenditure.
All businesses located within these designated areas benefit from enhanced infrastructure improvements (water, sewer, streetscapes and signage) funded by a property tax increment that is allocated for, or placed into, a special fund.
A self-imposed tax by a majority (51%) of like-minded commercial property owners that earmark the proceeds for infrastructure improvements that are normally provided by a government entity.
Offers property tax exemption on a sliding scale for 10 years in order to revitalize certain areas currently experiencing underdevelopment.
A 260-acre mixed-use property that offers office/warehouse facilities for the air cargo industry designated as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). FTZ is a federally approved area in which goods can be imported without the payment of United States Customs duties.

In addition, Select Fulton offers assistance in creating, operating, and growing your business, including:

  • Providing current information on local conditions, including labor, taxes, utilities, transportation and the economy
  • Helping to identify suitable commercial, industrial and retail sites
  • Assistance in solving zoning, permitting and licensing concerns
  • Project coordination for arranging and expediting the delivery of services, such as traffic engineering, water and sewer services, street and curb maintenance
  • Partnering with municipalities within Fulton County
  • Facilitating financing for qualified companies through various business loan programs

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State and Federal Incentives
Quick Start is part of the Economic Development division of the Technical College System of Georgia. The program provides customized workforce training, free of charge, as a discretionary incentive to support qualified new and expanding companies that are creating jobs in Georgia. Check if your company qualifies here.
Creating new jobs in Georgia is a good way to reduce (and potentially eliminate) your company’s corporate tax liability. The Job Tax Credit gives a credit ranging from $1,250 to $4,000 per year for 5 years for every new job created. In certain areas, the credit can also lower payroll withholding obligations. Qualifications can be found here.
Georgia offers tax credits for qualified film, television, music video and commercial productions in Georgia, as well as qualified musical or theatrical performances, or a recorded musical performance synchronized with a movie, television or interactive entertainment production. For more information, visit
Any business located in a designated OZ that meets the qualifications will receive $1,750 in job tax credits. To see if your business is located in an OZ, please use the following link: Georgia Opportunity Zone Map
The Federal Qualified Opportunity Zone program allows tax savings to be achieved by investing in Opportunity Funds, which must invest in business ventures or real estate within designated Qualified Opportunity Zones. These new Federal Opportunity Zones are intended to facilitate investment in areas where poverty rates are greater than 20 percent. Qualified Opportunity Zones retain this designation for 10 years. To see if your business is located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone, please use the following link: Federal Opportunity Zone Map

Explore the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s 2019 business incentives brochure to learn more about tax credits your company may be eligible to receive.