About Us

Select Fulton is the Fulton County, Georgia’s economic and workforce development initiative that drives collaboration among public and private partners in order to generate inclusive growth, opportunities, and prosperity for the Metro Atlanta region.


Select Fulton does this by fostering the creation of middle and high skill jobs in our key industries, preparing our residents for those opportunities, and accelerating the growth of connected and sustainable commercial development. Additionally, Select Fulton provides collaborative economic development leadership to promote a globally competitive, prosperous, and growing Fulton County economy to improve the wellbeing of our residents and communities. 


Strategically, we achieve this through objective economic and workforce research and analysis, intentional assistance to government and business, and targeted public policy. Our efforts are guided and supported by the expertise and counsel of our businesses, government, and education members and partners.


Fulton County Economic Development (Select Fulton) has become the one-stop-shop for organizations seeking a new home in Atlanta’s thriving region. With a supportive business climate and representing Georgia’s largest and most economically active county, Select Fulton unifies the business attraction, workforce development, and development incentive programs of three organizations: Worksource Fulton, Fulton County Economic Development, and the Development Authority of Fulton County. Select Fulton leverages the power of the private sector in collaboration with Fulton County Government, to guide economic development and create more widely shared prosperity. Select Fulton collaborates with all stakeholders in the Metro Atlanta region — together we make progress for all of our region’s people.


Mission Statement:

Select Fulton believes that Metro Atlanta and Fulton County is the most innovative and affordable region in which to build your business or career, and that our economic resilience is rooted in the diversity of our economy and ingenuity of our workforce. By fostering a collaborative, regional approach to economic development, Select Fulton aims to enhance growth and prosperity for all of our communities.


We work to create a vibrant economy that benefits the whole region by promoting access to economic opportunities for all of Metro Atlanta’s and Fulton County’s diverse communities.



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