Career ReBoot Fulton

Sample of Courses:

Basic training

If you’re new to computers, this is an ideal course. Earn your Basic Computer Literacy Certificate which includes:


  • Computer basics

  • Internet skills

  • Email

  • Introductory course work for the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Advanced training

A new Google® initiative can teach you how to put digital skills into action. At the end of the course, you will be prepared to take the G-Suite certification exam*, showing your ability to use cloud-based tools to perform tasks like:


  • Creating a budget

  • Planning an event

  • Looking for a job

Ready to get started?

Just attend an information session at one of the career centers or reach us at one of the following:

phone: 844.344.WORK (9675) or email:

*This program does not cover the cost of the G-Suite certification exam.

Get the computer skills you need. Certifications are available for every level.

COVID-19 impacted Fulton County residents can access FREE online or in-person courses in digital literacy to improve their career. Anyone with an internet connection and a computer can access courses or can visit one of Goodwill’s Career Centers to access courses. Career ReBoot Fulton also offers training tracks and will provide career coaching through its programs.​

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